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How to Make Beachy Waves With Your Flat Iron

Flat irons are of course principally for straightening your hair. However, this tool can be used for many uses. Some people even use them to quickly iron their clothes (ha!). They actually have multiple

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The Best Styling Products to Use While Straightening Your Hair

Many of us out there like to straighten our hair and while it’s possible to do so without using any products, it’s not advisable. Products not only help to achieve the style that you want but they

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The Best Travel Flat Irons

Ladies, when you go on vacation, doesn’t there seem to be very little room for everything you have to take? Between makeup, clothes, extra clothes, accessories, shoes, all your devices, and beauty products,

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Best Products for Flat Ironing Natural Hair

Natural hair can be tricky to style. You may wonder what to use to flat iron natural hair, and try a million products without success. But it doesn’t have to be that way! In fact, it is entirely possible

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The Best Flat Irons For Curly Hair

Curly hair can be difficult to work with, especially if you want to straighten it. Without a flat iron for curly hair, you’re going to run into some trouble! The texture, and often times unmanageability

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Best Flat Irons for Natural Black Hair

Ladies, if you have natural black hair, you know how hard it is to work with it sometimes. One thing is selecting the proper products, another is selecting the best flat iron for black hair. You need both

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Best Hair Straightening Products

When it comes to straightening hair, any type, the worst thing you can do is simply take a straightner to it. The amount of damage that can do to hair is brutal, not to mention irreversible, in some cases.

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Flat Iron Natural Black Hair Tips

Tips and Tricks for Straightening African American Hair

Straightening very curly hair can be hard work. It requires a lot of heat so damage can happen quite quickly. Relaxing afro hair over a long period of time can cause healthy hair to be damaged quickly.

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Flat iron accessories

Top 7 Accessories to Use With Your Flat Iron

You would be fine using your flat iron on its own however, it could be a lot better. There are several accessories you can use along with your flat iron to make using it a lot easier, cleaner, and more

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straighten short hair

How to Use a Flat Iron on Short Hair

Everyone has a different hair type so it’s important to style it accordingly. This can be difficult to figure out. Short hair can be particularly tricky to style and straighten especially if it’s quite

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