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Best Flat Iron for Short Hair

Having to choose a flat iron for your hair from hundreds of products available in the market is very difficult. When selecting a flat iron you should first consider the type of hair you have. To pick the best flat iron for short hair you need to look for a smaller plate width so you can get effectively straighten your hair from the root to the end.


Plate Width

The best straighteners for short hair have a smaller plate width, with a 1/2 inch plate is perfect for very short hair or bangs. A one inch plate will work for almost any hair type including short to shoulder length hair.


Plate Material

A small flat iron for short hair is pretty easy to find but you also need to consider the plate material to get the best results after styling using flat iron short hair. As a standard, when purchasing a short hair straightener, look for plates made from ceramic and tourmaline. Infrared or titanium are highly recommended flat iron short natural hair that needs additional heat. Heat adjustable flat irons are also suggested for people with short hair as you don’t want to get to close and burn your scalp using a high heat.


Comparison Table

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HLS Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Looking for a wonderful short hair flat iron? This is the ultimate flat iron and is great for almost any hair and also one of the best hair straightener for short hair. It is perfect as a straightener for short hair to shoulder length hair (although if your hair is very short you’ll want to consider the next option below.)  It comes with a 1 inch ceramic tourmaline plates with advanced infrared heat technology. It is also easy and efficient to use as it comes with a swivel cord which can turn in 360 degrees.  This flat iron can transform your frizzy hair into smooth shiny style within minutes as it has rapid heating. It’s also very budget friendly!


BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

Well this is by far the best straightener for short hair. It features a small 1/2 inch titanium and ceramic plates so that you do not damage and burn your hair. It heats fast up to 440°F. This short hair straightener is safe and can get close to the scalp without the risk of burning your scalp. With this short hair straightener you can travel with it as it can fit perfectly in your luggage due to the fact that it is small in size.  You do not have to worry about anything even when you travel to the other end of the world as it is made with dual voltage for worldwide use.


Gurin Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener

If you are looking to get rid of those dull and unruly locks into beautiful straight hair then this is a wonderful short hair flat iron. The Gurin ceramic flat iron has a 1.25 inch ceramic and tourmaline plate which makes it seamless and therefore able to achieve any hair style that you may desire. As it’s slightly over 1 inch I would recommend this for people with ear to shoulder length bobs rather than super short hair. This is still a great short hair straightener though. The tourmaline plates mean even heat distribution without damage so it’s perfect to use if you’re hair is slightly damaged.


Conair Infiniti Pro ½ Inch Wide Flat Iron

Want that perfect hairstyle then this is a wonderful flat iron short natural hair. It comes with a ½ inch plate. It is a floating plate technology which allows you to get closer to the root making your hair voluminous from the bottom.  The ½ inch plate is made of tourmaline ceramic which gives you better contact with your hair helping you get that straight hair faster. The plates installed in this short hair straightener ensures that your hair is not damaged and burn, ensuring they reduce static and frizz.  This flat iron black short hair comes with a 15 – second heat up and reaches up to 455 degrees for quick styling. It also has an auto shut off for when you leave your flat iron unattended.


Xtava Black Silk Straightener

he Xtava Black Straightener delivers higher heat to make your hair silkier and shiner. It can reach temperatures up to 430°F helping to seal in the moisture in the hair strands. This helps to prevent hair follicle damage, protect colour and also makes it the best flat iron for short thick hair. It is designed so that it is easy to use with a 9-foot, 360° swivel cord so that you can use it effectively. It also has a digital LCD display which allows you to choose the precise temperature. The dual plate technology disperses heat to the hair evenly. Its auto shut off function allows for safe use and automatically shuts off when left unattended.


These are the five best straighteners for short hair. Remember, for short hair you should always choose a small flat iron with a 1/2″ to 1″ plate width to help prevent burning your scalp and allowing you to straighten your short hair with ease. A specific short hair straightener will give you an amazing hair style! All of these small straighteners for short hair are also perfect for travelling.

Let me know if you have any other favourite short hair flat irons!


Here are some ideas on how you can style short hair with a flat iron:


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Finding the best flat irons for short hair

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