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How to Avoid Damaging Your Hair When Flat Ironing It

Your hair is part of you and as such you should care for it the same as you care for the rest of your body. Maintaining the health of your hair is easier than you may think. Some people think that if you use a flat iron then damage is inevitable but this is not the case. There are several things you can do to keep your healthy and looking great even when using a flat iron.


Spend a Decent Amount on Your Flat Iron – Using a cheap flat iron will of course have cheap results. The nicer flat irons are more expensive because they are higher quality. If you get the right kind, it should last up to ten years.  In addition you want to get one with ceramic plates because these help to make sure the heat is evenly distributed.

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Heat Protectant Always – This is actually a product that you can get for very cheap, even the high quality ones.  Therefore, there’s no reason to skimp on this or avoid using them. When applying you must hold it about 3 inches away from your head and even further when spraying closer to your scalp as it can cause a greasy look. With heat protectant sprays, a little can go a long way so be careful with how much you are using.

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Temperature is Key – The temperature you set your flat iron at really depends on your hair type and is very important. Those with fine hair need to use a much lower setting than someone with coarse or curly hair. Fine hair is going to straighten much more easily therefore it is unnecessary to use a high heat setting. Using a higher heat setting than your hair requires will lead to it being damaged more easily.


Quick Strokes – It is never advisable to hold your flat iron in one place for too long. You should always be swiping it through your hair at a quick pace so the heat is never in one spot for an unsafe amount of time. Going too slowly can also result in over using the tool on your hair and creating damage.


With these tips you will be able to flat iron your hair without causing nearly as much damage as in the past. Don’t forget, it’s also important to trimming your hair regularly, usually every three months depending on how damaged your hair currently is. This helps to get rid of split ends so your hair grows healthier and longer faster, while still straightening it to your desired style!

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