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How to Get Volume With a Flat Iron

It may seem counter intuitive since the whole point of a straightener is to flatten your hair. Just because it is being used to get your hair flat and straight does not mean that it can’t also be voluminous. Your flat iron can actually help you create volume in your hair in a few different ways.

Another helpful move is once you get to the top of your head, you should hold the pieces straighten up and straighten them in the same upward direction. Only move it upwards for a part of the section of hair then round it out in the shape of a “C.” This should not be done all over your entire head or else you’ll have much more volume than desired! This video will show you exactly what to do.

In addition to this, it helps if you use a thermal round brush simultaneously to get extra volume. The thermal round brush used in conjunction with thermal heat spray will get perfect volume. Check this video out to see the correct techniques all on your own.

It’s important to keep in mind that the flat iron can’t do all of the work. You will still need several products. Some great ones to utilize include a heat protectant spray in order to protect your hair. Another great product to use is dry shampoo. This can help many people with maintaining the volume in their hair without using hair spray, which can be too stiff and turn crunchy easily.

If your hair isn’t holding the volume very well, then teasing it may be a good idea for you. Take small sections of hair at the crown of your hair and gently tease them with a comb. It’s important to only tease them at the roots otherwise it can get too voluminous and messy looking. After you’ve teased all of the roots at the crown of your head, you can take the comb to gently smooth out the hair at the top so it looks smooth.

Any time we can use one tool for multiple uses is great thing! Your flat iron can be used in so many ways than you probably even realize. Having straight smooth hair doesn’t mean that it has to look flat. Using these techniques to create volume in your hair will leave you with an entirely new look that you are going to love.

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