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How to Use Flat Irons to Curl Your Hair

using a straightener to curl your hair

It’s always best to use a traditional curling iron to curl your hair but if you’re in a pinch then a flat iron can work quite well! Maybe you are on a weekend trip and forgot your curling iron or only had room to pack one styling tool, perhaps your curling iron broke and you haven’t had a chance to purchase a new one yet, or maybe you just like to simplify your life and stay clutter free as much as possible! Whatever the reason, you’re in luck because curling your hair with a flat iron is easier than you may imagine.


The size of the flat iron is important when doing this style. If it is too wide then you won’t be able to get a sufficient curl. Therefore, make sure your flat iron is skinny enough to create a nice curl in your hair. A 1″ flat iron is perfect.


You’ll want to separate your hair into about one-inch sections use a comb or your fingers. If it’s any bigger than that then the curl may not hold. If it’s much smaller than that then the curls might come out tighter than you’d like.

With a flat iron you won’t end up creating ringlets. The style you will end up having is curls towards the ends of your hair. This gives you a flowing and pretty look with lots of eye-catching movement. It’s not quite the same as using a flat iron but it’s a different look that is equally if not more beautiful!

Important Tip

We always want to protect our hair as much as possible from heat damage. With this styling method you’re only going to be curling the ends of you hair anyways so there’s no reason to have the flat iron at the roots of your hair at any point. Don’t have your flat iron too hot and always make sure the curl is cool before shaking it out or styling.

Create Volume

You may still be wanting to volume. In order to do this you can take small sections of your hair and tease them just at the roots of your hair. It’s important not to go all the way up otherwise your hair will be bigger than you want. Then you need to gently smooth out the top with a comb. Don’t use a brush or it will take away all of the teasing and volume you’ve put in your hair.

Curl On!

Using a flat iron to curl your hair can help limit the amount of styling tools you need and also can allow you to try a new look. With these quick tips and steps to follow you’ll be mastering this technique in no time. If you need further help, check out the videos below to see a demonstration!


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How to use a flat iron to curl hair

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