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Top 7 Accessories to Use With Your Flat Iron

Flat iron accessories

You would be fine using your flat iron on its own however, it could be a lot better. There are several accessories you can use along with your flat iron to make using it a lot easier, cleaner, and more fun!

Top 7 Accessories to Use With Your Flat Iron

Holder – Having a holder to place your flat iron in helps keep your life clutter free. It can get messy and unattractive to have so many items all of your vanity. A holder for your flat iron gives it the perfect place to store when it’s not being used.

Comb – A comb especially with a pointy handle (rat tail comb) is perfect to help make the necessary sections in your hair. A brush could work for bigger sections but for more accuracy a comb will be better and its often much gentler on your hair.

Heat resistant case-mat – These are perfect to protect the surfaces around you while straightening your hair. It’s always necessary to set the flat iron down while you are styling your hair. Whether it be a rug or hard surface, a mat is the perfect thing to set your flat iron to prevent burning any of the surfaces.

Clips – These are a must when straightening your hair. Unless you have a pixie cut, your hair won’t come out as straight as it could if you don’t section it off while styling. While it is possible to use rubber bands to hold the pieces of hair that you aren’t straightening out of the way, this can lead to tangles and creases in your hair that you don’t want. Clips help to avoid this so you’ll want them in multiple sizes.

Heat resistant storage bag – These are great because you can even store your flat iron while it is hot. Not only that, but it can also be used for other tools such as curling irons. Packing can get disorganized easily but using a storage bag to hold your flat iron as well as other accessories will help to keep yourself and your suitcase organized.

Heat protectant spray – The last thing anyone wants is damaged hair. The more hot tools that we use on our hair unfortunately, the higher at risk we are for causing unwanted breakage and damage to our hair. A heat protectant spray used before straightening your hair helps to provide a layer that will save your hair and keep it silky and healthy.

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Heat resistant glove – It’s all too easy to burn your fingers or hands while straightening your hair. You could lose your grip on it or simply be in a rush and accidentally touch the hot surface. Using a glove is the perfect solution. You protect your skin and can more skillfully style your hair when you’re not worrying about getting burned!

With all of these accessories you will be ready to flat iron your hair to perfection and keep yourself and your possessions safe as well as organized!


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Top 7 accessories to use with your flat iron or straightener

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