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Which Size Flat Iron Should You Use?

Picking out a flat iron can feel like a complicated process and you may not know where to begin! There are many different variables but the most important is which size you pick out. A lot of the other differences in flat irons may not matter as much but the size of your flat iron will greatly affect how well you’re able to straighten your hair and the ease of use. It will mostly be based off what type of hair you have and how long it is. Read below to see which one will work best for you!

So, Which Size Flat Iron Should You Use?

½” Flat Iron: This size flat iron is best for people with pixie cuts and to use on bangs. When you’re dealing with a small amount of hair, having a large flat iron will only make it more difficult to reach all the different sections.

1” Flat Iron: A one-inch flat iron is best for people with short and fine hair. This size allows you to grab nice sections of your hair without being so large that you don’t have room to actually run the straightener throughout your hair.

1 ¼” Flat Iron: This width is best for people with shoulder-length and medium-thick hair. As your hair gets longer it’s nice to have a flat iron that is a bit bigger. Otherwise you’re taking much longer than is necessary to style your hair.

1 ½” Flat Iron: This size is preferable for people with thick, coarse, curly hair that is longer than your shoulders. Thicker, coarse, curly hair means it’s harder to straighten. For this reason you will want something a bit bigger to tackle your luscious locks!

2” Flat Iron: This size flat iron is best for those with thick and very long hair. The biggest flat iron is necessary when you have more hair. The more hair you have, the more sections you will need to divide your hair into in order to get it nice and straight. Because of this you’ll want the biggest size flat iron to make the time you spend styling your hair as short as possible.

There’s many other factors to consider such as a ceramic or titanium flat iron, which heat protectant to purchase to protect your hair, how hot should you be setting your flat iron, what kind of brush to use and what is the best finishing product. The list goes on forever but the most important part is to buy a flat iron that is the correct size for your hair length and texture. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be off to a great start on your hair straightening adventures! If you’re still seeking more tips, check the videos below to get more ideas on which flat iron will work best for your hair.

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